Daring Origins: Laura Deming, BioTech Venture Capitalist

To many, the promise of eternal youth is as alluring as it is elusive. For 22-year-old Venture Capitalist Laura Deming, the fight against aging is a matter of science. Currently running her own anti-aging venture capitalist fund, Laura ambitiously seeks and funds therapies aimed at extending the human health span

As a child, Laura remembers watching her elderly grandmother struggle to keep up with her. She reflects on a conversation between her mother and herself about the inevitability of aging. But instead of accepting it as a part of life, Laura dared to find a way around it.

Growing up in New Zealand, Laura was always curious about science. She even tried to build a lab of her own in her family’s basement. Laura’s father shared stories about the world’s great scientists, and they quickly became her superheroes.

“I want to know if we can cure all disease. With one simple solution.”
Laura Deming

At the age of 12, Laura penned a letter to one of these heroes, a scientist who started the first-ever aging lab, and was invited to join her in California to study the aging processes of C. elegans worms. With her mentor’s help, Laura began her fight against aging and pioneered studies of the human life span. At 14 years old, she enrolled at one of the nation’s leading technology institutes to continue her studies.

Laura took the ultimate risk just two years later, dropping out of school to accept a $100,000 fellowship opportunity and pursue her entrepreneurial ambitions in Silicon Valley.

When considering this risk of leaving college to accept the fellowship, Laura consulted her parents. “Having incredible parents who understand what I really wanted to do encouraged me to pursue my dreams.” So Laura moved forward.

When she arrived in San Francisco at just 17 years old, Laura had the idea of building the anti-aging venture capital fund the world so desperately needed. But convincing people to invest in her controversial vision of extending the human lifespan would not be easy.


Through persistence and self-belief, Laura channeled her discouragement into a force that would propel her to success just 2 years later.

Laura now successfully runs her own venture capital fund in hopes of attracting investors to startups working on aging and life extension. But her work isn’t met without criticism. She’s often asked, “Why would you want to do that?” But for Laura, the rebuttal is simple—she aims to extend the human lifespan and eliminate age-related disease in a healthy and controlled manner.

As she encourages children to question the norm and view the world differently, Laura remains quite inquisitive herself. “I want to know if we can cure all disease. With one simple solution.”

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