Reinventing Innovation: The New

Cadillac is proud to introduce the newly evolved Embodying a bolder point of view, has been reinvented to encapsulate the culture, design and innovations that move us forward. It represents everything we are passionate about in the world and inspires us as we continue to shape our future.

For over a century, Cadillac has pioneered automotive innovation with groundbreaking “firsts”. Our 113-year history is defined by engineering milestones, achieved through daring originality and guided by a progressive eye to the future. Today, Cadillac continues to reinvent itself. It is here on that we will share this story of reinvention and the forces that drive it.

“The transformation of Cadillac is happening all around us. And it has been a while since our industry has witnessed change of this magnitude.”
Johan de Nysschen, Cadillac President substantiates the ambitions of our Dare Greatly ethos by highlighting individuals who accept risk and mold the future. As a co-conspirator to the daring, Cadillac seeks those who innovate the landscapes of design, entrepreneurship, culture, technology, and style. We began developing our roots within the men’s fashion space as a partner for the first New York Men’s Day in 2013, showcasing menswear during the traditionally women’s wear-oriented New York Fashion Week. Our involvement has evolved into a unique platform that enables emerging designers who push the boundaries of style and design. As we move forward, will capture these stories and invite you to experience the world as we see it.


Cadillac has embarked upon a bold new journey with vehicles that span the breadth of today’s most advanced technology and craftsmanship. In just a few short years, four entirely new vehicles have joined our distinguished fleet. The latest generation of Cadillac V-Series performance, the 2016 CTS-V and ATS-V, articulate our pure passion for engineering excellence. The prestige sedan has been entirely reinvented with the first-ever CT6. And this year they will be joined by the XT5, a crossover that effortlessly combines style and intelligence. On we will be highlighting our current engineering breakthroughs and introducing you to the ones to come.

At Cadillac, we believe that only those who dare drive the world forward. And on, we will celebrate achievement, champion innovation, and encourage the pursuit of unwavering passion.

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