Sarah Kunst

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Sarah Kunst is featured in Cool Hunting 25, a showcase, presented in partnership with Cadillac, of 25 creators and innovators from a broad range of disciplines who are currently working to drive the world forward.

Sarah Kunst doesn’t work well with excuses. Take for example the glaring lack of women on tech panels. As an industry vet, Kunst noticed that bookers for such panels tended to give one of two excuses: either that women were unavailable or they didn’t know any “relevant” ones. “People who live on a planet that is half women but can never seem to find any when they need one, I have solved your problem,” she wrote to introduce her Female Investors Opportunities List. The List is an ever-growing selection of women who are “smart… write checks and… are available to speak, be interviewed, mentor, [and] judge” at the tech conferences of the world. No more excuses.

When Kunst isn’t tearing down barriers for women, in addition to working as a mergers and acquisitions partner at Future Perfect Ventures, she mentors and advises start-ups through, NewMe, DigitalUndivided, Mergelane, The Startup Factory and Alchemist Accelerator. Her philanthropy activities (too many to list) include Venture for America, Help Us Adopt, Code2040, Technovation Challenge and the US State Department’s Tech Women program. Being named to the CH25 adds a new honor to her impressive list: the 2015 Forbes 30 Under 30, Business Insider 30 Under 30 Women in Tech and Top African American in Tech; Marc Andreessen’s 55 Unknown Rock Stars in Tech.

After learning the value of a dollar as an 11-year-old laborer on a friend’s family strawberry farm in her hometown of 300 people, Kunst worked her way up from product rep for brands like TAG Body Spray and Apple as a college student, through stints in marketing at companies like Chanel and working for startups, to signing checks for them.

“People who live on a planet that is half women but can never seem to find any when they need one, I have solved your problem.”

Kunst’s next big hack idea is to use Software As A Service to perform a fatectomy on our nation’s bloated university administration system. “Pretty much every university in America receives federal and state funding and tax-exempt status,” she explains, “yet they have zero transparency or accountability about where the hundreds of billions of dollars go.” Not to mention the ever-rising tuition costs crushing generations under impossible levels of debt. If Sarah Kunst has anything to do with it, this problem is already solved.

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