Daring 25: The Most Intrepid People, Companies and Innovations of 2016

Cadillac is passionate about innovations that drive us forward, so we partnered with five Conde Nast publications to discover individuals and companies who use their talents to do the same. We asked the editors of Vanity Fair, Wired, Architectural Digest, Bon Appétit and GQ who they found most daring in 2016.

The Daring 25 are innovators, creators and pioneers who are trailblazing in their fields. These impressive individuals and companies stand out in the industries of entertainment, technology, design, food, and style, and represent the best of those who challenge the status quo.


The Daring 25: Ingenious Entertainers

Produced with Vanity Fair

These five storytellers are leading the charge into a new realm of entertainment.



The Daring 25: Technology Visionaries

Produced with Wired

These five individuals and companies are harnessing the power of tech to make impactful and essential differences the world.



The Daring 25: Design Masters

Produced with Architectural Digest

These five creators push the limits of possibility with unique and empowering design.



The Daring 25: Food Pioneers

Produced with Bon Appetit

These five honorees work to ensure sustainable and ethical practices in the food industry.



The Daring 25: Clothing Trendsetters

Produced with GQ Style

These five designers and retailers are bringing boutique menswear to the masses.