The Art of Daring

Four successful artists reveal the motivations and meaning behind their unique creative realms. 

To be an artist in today’s volatile art industry is to embody daring. It is to put one’s personal truth and vision out in the world, to face the whims of changing trends, fickle buyers and misguided interpretations by critics. Yet, to be a successful artist also amplifies the audacity – to go from obscure creativity to the biggest galleries, museums or theaters. Cadillac highlights artists of color who have ventured to the farthest extent of their creativity and now fully embody the ethos: Dare Greatly.



Staying Hungry: Kenny Gravillis

Meet Kenny Gravillis, one of four profiled successful artists in Cadillac’s Art of Daring campaign who reveal the motivations and meaning behind their unique creative realms.


Hebru Brantley is here to break down walls by destroying the divisions between culture. A shared sense of humanity permeates Hebru’s pieces. See the inside of Hebru’s process through the Art of Daring.


Maya Freelon Asante’s unique and evocative tissue paper assemblages speak volumes. Sometimes in whispers, sometimes in grand gestures. Watch the behind the scenes of Maya’s experience through The Art of Daring.


Saya Woolfalk doesn’t simply make art, she creates worlds.  Utilizing, paint, sculpture and video filtered through a science fiction and fantasy lens, watch how Saya imagines a world in multiple dimensions through the Art


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The Cadillac CT6: The Conception

The act of creating art that lives and breathes, art that proclaims itself defines the spirit of Cadillac vehicles.